Club Coaching Co-ordinator

Alwyn Jenkins

Club Treasurer

Andrew Hurley
Telephone: 07958507602

Club Fixture Secretary

Andrew Pyke
Telephone: 07432609067
Email: Team Manager

Club Secretary Support

Anthony Forrest
Email: Kit man, water boy and many other things

Junior Chair


Rugby Safeguarding Officer

Carly Williams

Youth Chair

Chris Lee
Telephone: 07515327316
Email: First Aider and many other things

Health & Safety Officer

Clive Robinson
Telephone: 07951234812
Email: Jaffa

Other Volunteer

Dai Robbins
Email: Gate man? Sponsor go getter

Junior Section Volunteer

Darren Hunt

Other Volunteer

Donald Freeman
Email: Lines man

Junior Representatives

Gareth Jones
Email: Junior coach

Junior Treasurer, Club Auditor

Gareth Minard
Telephone: 07973173592

Team Coach, Other Volunteer

Gavin Alex Richards
Telephone: 07921237954
Email: Backs coach 2020-

Head Coach

Gavin Dean Wathen
Telephone: 07828526771
Email: Club Coach

Other Volunteer

Gerwyn Davies
Telephone: 07947836400
Email: Senior forwards Coach and under 9s coach

Club Chair

Iestyn Morgan
Telephone: 07872182868

Club Auditor, Club Secretary

Iestyn Morgan
Telephone: 07872182868

Rugby Safeguarding Officer, Club Secretary Support

Kelly Davies

Club Fixture Secretary, Club Operations Manager

Leighton James
Email: 07943048493

Club Coaching Co-ordinator, Club Secretary

Lloyd Davies
Telephone: 07956857886
Email: Sponsor Trydan Solutions Ltd

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Martin Hurley
Telephone: 07883041156
Email: Grounds keeper and much more

Other Volunteer, Club Webmaster

Matthew Cook

Junior Section Volunteer

Samantha Richards

Junior Secretary